Week Twenty: A Look Into Rakovník (Part II)

During this past week, nothing too interesting has happened since school has just started up again. I only have two more weeks living in my current host family. I will be moving to Rynholec to live with my second and final family. While I am still living here, I thought it would be a good idea to complete my series of “A Look Into Rakovnik”. On Week Ten, I did my first blog post like this. Yesterday, my host brother and I went on a two hour walk to take some more photos of the town. It was certainly a great adventure, and sometimes I forgot to take photos… but I hope you will enjoy seeing some places in my new home. In this post, I took some photos of places that I haven’t really been to, yesterday was a great exploring adventure! For some more photos, you can check out my “Week Ten” post to see the main attractions of Rakovnik.



These photos are taken a few streets above where I live. There is a great walking/cycling/running path that goes into a forest. There is also a view of Rakovnik (that I couldn’t capture because the sun was shining directly facing us) and a dog park!


Next, we headed downtown towards another path that goes right beside a small creek. This creek runs through Rakovnik. The other half of the creek is featured in my first blog post.


Hospital helicopter landing patch.



There are many areas for sport.


In this town there is a school focusing on Trades such as Electrical work, Mechanics, and more as well as Engineering, IT,  and other Computer Sciences.


In this part of town, we continued to go uphill to show you some of the streets and buildings. I currently live on the opposite side of this part of Rakovnik.


We then returned to the square and headed home.



This completes the journey!! Unfortunately some of the photos turned out really dark, so I apologize if you can’t see everything! Although I didn’t take photos of absolutely everything, this completes the series for now.

I hope you enjoyed…

Until next time!



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