Week Twenty-Two:Weekend in Třebíč


This weekend was our third inbound meeting, this time in Třebíč. It was only with Czech Inbounds. On Friday, Nick and I left for Prague in the morning and arrived in Florenc. We then met with the other Prague exchange students who were taking the same bus as well as our counsellor. We travelled approximately three hours on the bus and arrived in Třebíč. Throughout the entire weekend we were all staying at the Hotel Grand. It was very exciting for me because Lukáš was one of the Rotex (rebounds) for this weekend. For those who don’t know, he was an exchange student in District 5060 for the year 16/17 and is a very good friend of mine. It was nice to see him again, and it was the first time in about six months! Once everyone had arrived and we settled into our rooms, we ate dinner. Afterwards, we went downstairs to prepare for our language test. This would be one of our last language tests and we were all pretty nervous. There were three parts to this test. The written, listening, and oral. We started with the written part and it was honestly a lot easier than I expected. The last test in Prague was very challenging for me, but I felt very good after this one. The listening was more difficult for all of us, and we had to answer true or false questions. We then reviewed some traveling rules. It was 8:25 when our oral test started. They chose random people to do their test and I unfortunately was chosen first. I stood up and they told me what I had to talk about. I had to speak about my Christmas, New Years, school, and any food that I like. Of course since I was going first I had to just start speaking without having much time to prepare. I didn’t feel so great about it, but I know that I spoke well about everything that I had to. Everyone else got time to prepare what they wanted to say, but I am glad that I could get it over with in the beginning. It was great to see so much improvement from everyone since the last test. The test took so long and we didn’t finish until around 12:40.

We woke up for breakfast at 7 then we left to go to the Synagogue. We had a tour guide and she brought us inside to see the actual church as well as a museum. Inside, there were original prayers that were done free hand when the building was built. We went upstairs to see a model of the town when it was first built as well. Our guide told us a lot about the history of the town and about the history of Jewish people. Then, we went into a re-creation of a typical Jewish house. The guide told us about Jewish traditions, how they prepare their meals, and various other aspects of their religion. It was very interesting for me because I really don’t know much about it. Afterwards, we walked through a street and she showed us some houses of some famous historical people. There were also stones in front of the houses of Jewish people that died in concentration camps. At the end of the tour, we had to go back to the hotel to prepare for our next activity. We were separated into groups to do a scavenger hunt on the square. We had to do tasks like finding how many banks were on the square, how many gold shops there are, and the colour of buildings. We also had to take photos in front of statues and the tower. It was a very fun activity! Afterwards, we ate lunch. We then went to the Basilica of Saint Procopius. We had a tour and heard of the history as well. It was a very beautiful and old Basilica. We also had the opportunity to go underneath into what used to a be a beer cellar. Afterwards, we went outside and there was a great view of the entire town. We took photos together and had snow fights the entire time! It was a very fun trip. Afterwards, we went to a badminton tournament. We walked to the Badminton club and we were put into partners. I was with Esmerelda from Mexico. It was her first time playing badminton and she was quite good! We only got to play two games then we were just talking to the other Rotex and exchange students. After this, we returned back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner, we went to do a talent show.

Each country group should have prepared a group talent that we would be performing at the District conference. We also were supposed to learn one Czech song and two English songs. We started by rehearsing these songs. They weren’t as bad as I expected, but the Czech song is very challenging for us all. We began the talent show. It was interesting to see the different countries perform some traditional songs and dances. Some groups did some more fun performances. The individual performances were good as well. I wasn’t sure how to sign up to do it, but I hope to be able to perform something at the District Conference. After the talent show, we had some time, then we heard the results of the various competitions over the weekend. We also got to see our test results. I got a 1 on both the test and the oral, so I was very happy! Afterwards, we went to bed once again very late. In the morning, everyone left and we left on our bus around 1:30.

It was a very fun weekend and it was nice to get to know the other inbounds better than the previous meetings. I will just put some photos of my weekend and all the places that we went! Enjoy.




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